Service Delivery Business Model

Sympatico Resources is a professional network of business and IT consultants.  We marshal resources on a project by project and as needed basis.  Solution Definition Magnifier Showing Achievement Vision And SuccessConsultants are presented individually based on client requirements and as organized teams for project level engagements.  This model enables us to deliver broad and deep expertise to your business, when and where you need it, at competitive prices.

Client advantages from this model:

1. Access professional expertise easily and relatively inexpensively.  We have a large network and operate with low overhead.

2. We remain objective, keeping your interest first in mind as we don’t have an “inventory” we must sell or vendor quotas to meet.

3. Solutions we recommend are selected on a best fit analysis for your overall requirements, not based on other relationships that have competing priorities to yours.

4. Individual or project teams are optimally organized to meet your specific needs.