Customer Relationship Management

Turbo-ChargeInterested in turbocharging your sales, marketing, and service capabilities?   CRM software is changing the business landscape by enabling organization’s to become more agile.   CRM will dramatically change the speed and quality of your customer facing interactions, both interpersonal and digital!  Leading organizations are rapidly building competitive advantage utilizing CRM software.

CRM software enables you to:

  1. Create a distinctive customer service experience.
  2. Develop targeted closed loop marketing processes that substantially accelerate your results and return on marketing investment.
  3. Increase your sales results by focusing your team on the leading metrics that drive success.
  4. Improve visibility of the pulse of your business.
  5. Develop and modify business processes that increase your business agility.
  6. And much more.

Sympatico Resources specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related partner solutions.  Our services guide and assist you to achieve success, start to finish:

We help you by:

  1. Determining your business needs by identifying the specific functionality you need.
  2. Deciding which alternatives are the best platform for you, there are many and each combine with plug-ins to create the overall solution.
  3. Project planning – We plan and organize the project to ensure success, both the task for CRM deployment and organization change management.
  4. Implementation – We execute the project plan, leading you to success.
  5. Training – We identify and provide start up and on-going training plans and sessions to embed the skills your organization needs to succeed.
  6. Support – We offer support plans tailored to your needs.

Contact us to day, we’ll invest the time upfront to help!