Application Development and Maintenance

Business outcomes often depend on successfully executed software development and maintenance projects to support and enable business initiatives. Success is defined by achieving stable and robust functionality delivered withSoftware Development Pyramid Showing Design Implement Maintain And Verifyin the planned time and cost constraints.  Success also requires optimizing the total cost of ownership by architecting the software for low cost maintenance.  Nobody wants to experience cost overruns on the initial development, and nobody wants to be held hostage by software that is too inflexible and too expensive to modify to meet the changing requirements of the business.

There is a lot to consider and perform well throughout the application lifecycle; tool and platform selection, architecture, development, implementation, data conversion, change management, enhancement and maintenance. Business executives often overlook the value creation that can be delivered when all phases of Application Development and Maintenance are planned and executed properly.

There are many processes, tools, and methodologies in use today, each with its advantages and disadvantages.   Sympatico’s team is experienced with large and small scale efforts underpinned by broad backgrounds in various development environments, including both .net and Java technologies.   We will guide you down an application lifecycle path that will best meet the needs of your business and users while balancing your short and long term goals to maximize your return on investment.