Working in Sympatico

~ Developing and having mutual understanding with another, including a deep understanding of another person’s organization’s perspectives, viewpoints, challenges, and opportunities.

Puzzle-Pieces-fit-bWe guide and assist you with strategizing, developing, implementing, and executing business technology initiatives by integrating the planning, people, products, and processes to enable your organization to move to new levels.

Working in Sympatico means working within your business culture, values, and philosophy. Sympatico Resources was founded to be different by investing the upfront time required to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing your organization. With this information, we can devise a better path forward, one that keeps your interest in front, maximizes the use of your existing resources, fills the gaps, and leads to measurably better results.

Our goal is to earn your trust and become valued business resources that you will engage again and again.  You will quickly notice a difference by experiencing unique levels of honesty, integrity, and professional service each and every time.  You will also notice we are economically very competitive as we operate our business very efficiently, utilizing technology to keep our productivity high and overhead low.  If you are looking for a firm you can trust and depend on, reach out and contact us today.


Our Proven Process:

  • Assessment: Sympatico Resources’ recruiters utilize a custom applicant tracking system that reduces the time needed to find specialized skill candidates. We have an extensive screening and vetting process that leads to increased candidate quality – which then leads to a boost in productivity, morale and employee retention. We have an 80% referral placement rate. We REALLY know the candidates we recommend.
  • Alignment: Sympatico Resources goes the extra mile to assess not only technical requirements but company culture as well, to choose and groom the best candidate, therefore, saving the client time and money in the process. Spending this time upfront reduces on boarding costs and turnover, which increases productivity and retention. We have a 90% placement rate. We choose the RIGHT candidates the first time.
  • Action: At Sympatico Resources we make communicating easy which allows us to respond quickly. Our clients work directly with dedicated key individuals who have the authority to make quick decisions when necessary. Sympatico’s customer satisfaction score is 95% – we LISTEN and MEET our clients’ needs.


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