Nancy Postle, President

I have been in the IT consulting industry for over 20 years. Beginning in 1988 with a small company of 20 employees and helping grow the company to over 250 employees. I worked primarily in account management, however, I also had the opportunity to be involved in the selection of our very valued consultants.

Working for and with large companies for most of those years, I decided to branch out on my own in February of 2009. Through strong relationships with my clients and consultants, my goal is to provide both with a “close to perfect” match relationship. My personal belief is that recruiting is a profession where you need passion, drive and desire in order to make sure the clients are well-served and the consultants know they are in a place where their expertise is valued and appreciated.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and have continued the tradition by raising my three children in Columbus as well. I received my BA degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University and continue to take courses that inspire me to learn and grow. I received my life coaching certification in 2010; a certification that I sought due to the fact that I often found myself informally coaching consultants along their career path. This degree has allowed me to more formally coach, provided mentorship, and career counseling to many professionals in the area.



David Kelley, Director, Business Technology Solutions

I’m a 2nd generation entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience helping organizations identify, plan, implement, and effectively utilize business technology to improve business results.  I engage with you to understand your business, assess your business technology assets, strategize your way forward, and help you implement and adopt best use technology.  I do this by focusing on your business, to bring fresh, innovative, and practical solutions to your organization.  My mission is to deliver a substantially better experience and economic return.   As a business technologist, I translate the technical jargon of technology into the language of business, keeping you current regarding relevant technology options, while minimizing your time investment to stay in tune.

My Biography

Just prior to starting the Solutions division of Sympatico Resources, I lead the business development activities for a boutique IT consulting organization for 4 years.  My focus was on business development and management of the consultative sales team.  Key takeaways from this experience:  a keen understanding of the growing need for visual metrics to maintain focus on the business strategy;  the macro shift of business activities required to succeed in the context of the shifting buying processes of business and consumers as internet adoption is  proliferating.

For 9 years prior, I focused on independent research to broaden out my macro understanding of our economy, business strategy, financial markets, and the role technology fills in the success and failure of businesses.  I developed and utilized applications using Microsoft .net technologies applying predictive analytics in financial markets.  Key takeaways from this experience were learning how to filter out the noise and find the sticky correlations in large amounts of data.

During the 15 years prior, I co-founded 3X Corporation which grew to fifty million in revenue before I sold my interest in December 2000.  In this fast growth experience, I learned first hand the organizational activity, cadence, and effective use of business technology that is required to successfully sustain business growth of 40% a year.   I worked directly with key clients to successfully plan and utilize technology to achieve their business goals.  Their success became our success.  Key takeaways were the progression of operating paradigm shifts that were required to successfully grow the business.

Prior to that, I was the Data Processing Manager of a public oil and gas exploration and development company.

In my youth, I worked for my father who was an IGA owner/entrepreneur.

I received a BS degree in Computer Management from Franklin University in 1987 and an AS degree in Business Data Processing from Columbus State Community College in 1982.

I’m also a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

I’m a life long learner, an avid reader, which enriches the resources I have to pull from to add value to your business.

StrengthsFinder: Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Activator, Ideation personality: (ENTJ) Field Marshall Disc: Conductor

I’m married with 3 children, and reside in Powell, OH.



Kim Beck, Director, Talent Acquisition

While still in college, Kim Beck began her career in the IT industry as a computer operator way back when files were saved to tapes the size of a large pizza box! She spent many years in various technical roles including programmer/analyst, project leader, and application development manager before finding her real strength in relationship and account management.

Kim has a unique combination of skills that allows her to understand the technical requirements of an organization while pairing them with necessary resources. She can help to align business goals with technology planning and implementation.

Kim earned her Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University in Computer and Information Science. She has completed various professional development courses including: Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers and Sales Advantage and IBM’s Sales Success and Signature Selling Method.

She resides in Westerville, OH with her husband and two sons.  Kim is an avid supporter of local sports including the Buckeyes, Columbus Crew and Columbus Blue Jackets.

ave been in the IT consulting industry for over 20 years. Beginning in 1988 with a small company of 20 employees and helping grow the company to over 250 employees. I worked primarily in account management, however, I also had the opportunity to be involved in the selection of our very valued consultants.



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